In case you missed it: the March 2020 edition Experiment Nation

In case you missed it: the March 2020 edition

Staying connected

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It’s hard to look back at March 2020 without thinking about how things have changed. COVID-19 has forced most of the world to “socially distance” to help “flatten the curve”. These are terms that will likely be burned into our collective consciousnesses for years to come. While helping towards preventing the spread of sickness, the distance introduces a new challenge: staying connected.

It’s my very modest hope that Experiment Nation can offer those who love Experimentation and Optimization a small way to stay connected and keep in touch with others in this field. I encourage you to reach out to others in our community you’d like to learn from and ask questions, to be open to sharing some of the lessons you’ve earned over the years, and above all, to be kind — because kindness is something the world needs more of these days.

Autodesk’s Heather Voden’s Stephen Pavlovich

– Fresh Egg’s Sebastian Larsson

– Swiftmonkey’s Elise Maile

– Indeed’s Abhishek Rathore

– Vrbo’s John Meakin

– VWO’s Vipul Bansal

– Gartner’s Shiva Manjunath

– Voiceflow’s Emily Lonetto

Connect with Experimenters from around the world

We’ll highlight our latest members throughout our site, shout them out on LinkedIn, and for those who are interested, include them in an upcoming profile feature on our site.

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