The weekly buzz: January 13, 2021

The Weekly Buzz

Here’s the latest Weekly Buzz. Watch the video for key takeaways.

  1. Want to know which half of your advertising spend is wasted? Experimentation to the rescue! Read Tim Wilson’s latest blog post.
  2. Is breaking a UX convention worthwhile? Read NN/g’s latest post on maintaining consistency & adhering to standards.
  3. How to get SEO and CRO to dance together? Get AWA Digital’s free e-book.
  4. How founders, HiPPOS and the marketing culture are defeated by data. Bonus: Washing hands. Intrigued? Read Juliana Jackson’s Linkedin article.
  5. Get your lesson in evolution of testing & optimization. Listen to the latest episode of Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast with guest Ton Wesseling.

If you’d like to be included in our round-up, please reach out to Bithika Mehra.

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