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It’s time for the Experiment Nation CRO Jargon Tournament! Starting on April 3, 2021 we’ll post a poll on LinkedIn where the community will pick the CRO-related term that is most important to them. Will you have a perfect bracket?

Join the action on our LinkedIn page.

The final standings

Last updated April 18 2021

The following Experimenters have the most correct predictions. The top 5 get an Experiment Nation feature!

RankNameVotes that match what the Community picked
1John Ostrowski14
2Oliver Wyman12
2Vandhana D.12
3Eddie Aguilar11
4Sumantha Shankaranarayana10
4Jeet Barai10
5Aditi Gupta9
5Kudakwashe Shamu9
5Michaël Hamelinck9
5Simon Clark9
5Tracy Laranjo, CAPM9
6Maulin Shah8
6Vilnis Dreimanis8
6Garrett Meccariello8
7Mika Sano Janze7
7John Trimble7
8Alex Mason6
8James Gamblin6
8Andrea Mestriner6
8Mike Harper6
8Rohan Monga6
8Haig Jalian6
8Silvia Serrano6
9Bithika Mehra, MBA, MSBA5
9Laura Fox5
9Alexandra Resnick5
9Owen Roberts5
9Nancy Kawatra5
9Ana Catarina Cizilio5
9Henrik Kahra5
9Taz Risma5
9Aishwarya Ragavendiran5
10Christopher Jones4
10Johann Van Tonder4
10Shiva Manjunath4
10Amrdeep Athwal (L.I.O.N)4
10Camille (McElwreath) Beck4
10İrem Yılmaz4
10Marie Gabrielle Avril4
10Riccardo Vandra4
10Kiké Helen Adesina4
10Priyanka Upponi4
10Pranay Goyal4
10Emma (Garvey) Keaney3
11Steph Le Prevost3
11Melanie Kyrklund3
11Jacob Jarnvall3
11Collin Tate Crowell3
11Oreoluwa Akinnawo3
11Bianca Almeida3
11Ray Hua3
11Geoff Bell3
12Chris Charlton2
12Diana Villamizar2
12Ismail Reimchen2
12Jessica James2
12Sónia dos Reis2
12Mano Priyanga2
12Mohsen Dehghan Dehnavi2
12Claire Fitzpatrick2
12Jagadeesh Chundru2
13Abdul Wahab1
13Alexander Bock1
13Andrey Andreev1
13Antoine Tissier1
13Apurv Saraf1
13Arslan Ashraf1
13Ashley Thorpe1
13Aybala Coşkun1
13Ben Cook1
13Brent Grainger1
13Dr. Sarah Bütof1
13Dylan Lewis1
13Dylan Tittel1
13Eden Bidani1
13Fabricio Mendonça Migues1
13Filip Pabisek1
13isaac gassol1
13Jaya Gupta1
13Josephus (Joey) AYOOLA1
13Julia Simpson1
13Katie Kelly1
13Leonard Castro1
13Manna Elizabeth Mathew1
13Maurice Beerthuyzen1
13Michael St Laurent1
13Michal Parizek1
13Mike Weir1
13Nadim Haddad1
13Nelio Leone1
13Patrick Buffum1
13Rafael Damasceno1
13Rahul Jain1
13Riaz Lalani1
13Sally Niu1
13Shray Chugh1
13Siobhan Solberg1
13Tanvi Marathe1
13Thejas Srinivasan1
13Thomas Adeleaux1
13Valerio D.1
13Valerio De Biasio1
13Vikas Bhargava1
13Pushkaraj Phule1
13Ben Labay1
13Devanathan Govindarajan1
13Umur Doruk Kaşoğlu1
13Olof Törnqvist1
13Sovrin Tolia1
13Ric Riley1
13Archit Saini1
13Joseph C.1
13Justin Baum1
13Raghav Midha1
13Shobana Nandakumar (Shobs)1


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PhotoNameLocationShort Bio / SpecialitiesLinkedIn URL
Dylan Lewis San Diego, CA USA Experimentation, Analytics, and Decision Making
Andrea Corvi London • CRO enthusiast that masters all aspects of the process equally well • Proven track record of optimising digital experiences via A/B and Multivariate testing • Used to working in fast-paced, agile and cross-functional teams • Highly analytical, results-driven and passionate about UI/UX and advanced statistical analysis
Jagadeesh Chundru Vijayawada When I was 22, started E-commerce business on 2015. After 3+ years of experience. unfortunately HandyTailor.Com operations are closed. reasons are plenty unskilled workers. A lot of customization & fitting issues in ladies tailoring industry. Anyway It’s a Long Story. What ever it is HandyTailor helped me on Business Development, Consumer Psychology, and Both Traditional & Digital Marketing.

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