About Rommil Santiago - Experiment Nation

About Rommil Santiago

I love making things happen.

For the last 15 years, I’ve started, grown, and optimized new practices that delivered outcomes by working across Marketing, Growth, Product, Operations, and Data.

I love to help people.





Product Management

Resume building

I’ve been around.

Product Lead, Experimentation, Personalization and Analytics Platform at Loblaw Digital
(2021 – Present)

Sr. Product Manager, Experimentation at Loblaw Digital
(2019 – 2021)

Growth Manager and PM, Engagement at Ritual
(2018 – 2019)

Director of Marketing at 500px
(2017 – 2018)

Sr. Manager, Growth at theScore
(2016 – 2017)

PM, Growth and Acquisition at Flipp

Growth and Channel Development Executive at Autodesk

Sr. Marketing Manager and PM at Autodesk

Marketing Manager and PM at Autodesk

Part-time Instructor at McGill University

Analytics and Optimization Consultant at Bell

Contractor and Web Designer at Concordia University

Co-Founder at Tokoro Media

Aircraft Systems Specialist at CAE

Mechanical Engineer at PaCoSy

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