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September 18 – 22, 2023

35 sessions. 37 speakers. Experts from 17 countries. One CRO community.

This year’s sessions

  • Dealing with ‘Problematic’ Coworkers in Experimentation with Shiva Manjunath
  • The Person in Personalisation with David Mannheim
  • Which converts better? AI or human-created content? with Deborah O’Malley
  • Demystifying CRO: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Carla Quizon
  • Get the most out of forms! with Ana Kerkovic
  • How to use data to optimize your form conversion with Alun Lucas
  • Myths you have to bust in order to grow your experimentation programme with Lucas Vos
  • Your landing page should be the conclusion of your ad story with Gerda Vogt-Thomas
  • Transforming Internal Experimentation Team into a Profit Center with Alisa Antypova
  • AI and gender bias with Valeria Leuti
  • From Generalist to Specialist with Gulny Zileli
  • Subscription Models: User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization with Cristina Molina Maestro
  • The What, Why, and How of CRO Audits with Amanda Davis
  • Creating CRO Processes from Scratch with Steph Le Prevost
  • Accelerating your business through Customer Lifecycle Understanding with Kritika Jalan
  • Getting buy-in on your optimization program with Andra Baragan
  • Growth isn’t Marketing with Daphne Tideman
  • The importance of being a T-Shaped Marketer within CRO with Richard Joe
  • 5 Shopify Checkout Ideas to Experiment With ft. Charlotte Bomford
  • Welcome to the land of flat results with Dorian Gonzalez
  • Product Growth and Optimization with Pooja Sharma
  • Ground Rules for Test Validity with Aline Roux
  • How to build experimentation from the ground up with Maria Luiza de Lange
  • CRO Dependency on Devs with Juliana Amorim
  • Why Implementation QA Matters with Daniel Ramirez and Liz King
  • Experimenting with Painted Doors with Jyoti Malik
  • The Importance Of Testing Strategically with Simon Girandin
  • How to test with a low sample size with Rosie Hoggmascall
  • AB testing fallacies, and practical tips on how to avoid them with Ellie Hughes
  • The great statistical significance with Ishan Goel
  • Statistical sanity: A “good enough” approach to A/B test stats with Ryan Thomas
  • Cross-border experimentation with Sander Volbeda
  • Getting buy-in from Stakeholders for your test ideas with Oreoluwa Akinnawo
  • How to use automation and AI in experimentation with Shawn David
  • Semantic Textual Analysis with Juliana Jackson and Krasimir Bombalov