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Experiment Nation Conference 2022 – Selected Speakers

Last updated: June 27, 2022

We have selected the speakers for this year’s conference. With even more submissions than last year, we tried to include as many folks as we could while trying to maintain a strong mix of countries and seniority as well as having strong representation from women and visible minorities. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t include everyone. With that said, we still want to thank everyone that took the time to submit sessions.

Some highlights about our tentative lineup

We’re giving many CROs their first chance to speak at a conference.

We have speakers from 13 countries.

Just under half of our speakers identify as she/her.

>25% of our speakers are visible minorities.

We’d love for this percentage to be higher for future events and we’ll continue to do our best to reach out to speakers of diverse backgrounds. As always, we’re open to suggestions and feedback on how we can make this event better in the future.

Because we understand that life happens and things often change the closer we get to the event, we will announce the final lineup on August 1, 2022, once the selected speakers have submitted their session recordings.

Without further ado, here are this year’s selected speakers in alphabetical order:

  1. Adrian Timar
  2. Alexandra Matheny
  3. Andra Baragan
  4. Anthony Wallace
  5. Carlos Arruda Accioly
  6. Carlos Trujillo
  7. Chris Marsh
  8. Cristina Pujol
  9. Deborah O’Malley
  10. Evelyn Cordeiro
  11. Evelyn EBO
  12. Guido X Jansen
  13. Haley Carpenter
  14. Hannah Alexander and Luke Youtsey
  15. Harriet Swan
  16. Izabella Pacheco Lopes
  17. Jonny Longden
  18. Juliana Jackson
  19. Kelsey Kincaid and Hannah Alexander
  20. Kenneth Kutyn
  21. Lucas Vos
  22. Lucia van den Brink
  23. Marylin Montoya
  24. Matt Scaysbrook
  25. Mr Amrdeep Athwal
  26. Nick Gibson
  27. Nicoleta Danilet
  28. Olabanji Ewenla
  29. Qike (Max) LI
  30. Rachel Harrison
  31. Ralph Lemos
  32. Riccardo Vandra
  33. Rishi Rawat
  34. Sabrina Naqvi
  35. Shiva Manjunath
  36. Taye Johnson
  37. Trina Moitra
  38. Valentin Radu

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