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Learn the fundamentals of Experimentation in less than 60 minutes


Like analytics, Experimentation is a key skill for Product Managers today. At the end of this no-nonsense course, students will understand the role of Experimentation in helping make strategic decisions, how to design basic Experiments and analyze their results, and how to develop a strategy that maximizes your resources and drives results. We’ll explore:

  1. Why PMs must Experiment
  2. When should you run Experiments?
  3. 10 important terms in Experimentation
  4. How to run an effective experiment
  5. Developing an Experimentation roadmap
  6. Building the team
  7. How to nurture an Experimentation culture
  8. Communication
  9. Documentation
  10. Intermediate/Advanced topic: Analyzing Results (Introduction to Frequentist, Bayesian, and Sequential statistics)
  11. Further reading

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Jonas Lisboa Co-founder at A/B Smartly - ex Experimentation at Booking.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonasalves
Simon Clark Newcastle upon Tyne, UK I began my career in Web & Graphic Design over 13 years ago, have worked as a Senior Web Developer at another regional agency, before moving to specialise further in Conversion Rate Optimisation at a global digital group working on some of the largest household names I have worked across a variety of sectors and on some of the UK’s largest homebuilders, insurance companies, Universities, and Automotive brands I oversee the CRO department at Evolved Search which encompasses Strategy, UX Research, Technical aspects such as A/B testing, User Research, Site Speed and Data Analysis https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonjamesclark/
Sarah Buetof Hamburg, Germany I am the Principal Product Manager for Experimentation at FREE NOW and as such responsible for establishing a company-wide experimentation infrastructure, methodology and mindset. Being a psychologist with a strong focus on research and statistics, I have worked around 10 years in academic science, mainly neuroscience, where I have studied pathological alterations in human brain connectivity with the means of 4D neuroimaging data. After concluding my research career with a doctoral thesis, I decided to look out for new challenges. In a first smaller move I became a full-time lecturer for experimentation and research methodology, before making the great leap into the private industry sector. I joined a large e-commerce company as an Experiment Analyst and was instantly amazed by the application of experimentation methods in the world of agile product development. Inspired by what I had learned in an already well-established experimentation and data-driven environment, I was eager to go the next step and take responsibility for creating a framework on my own and bringing experimentation to life in another company. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sarah-b%C3%BCtof-a89ab3139/