Requested topics for Experiment Nation’s 2023 Conference

To help inspire potential speakers, we’ve asked our community for topics they’d like to see covered during our conference this year. In no particular order, they are listed below. If you’d like to submit a session idea, fill out the form below.

Note: To help us achieve our goal of equal representation, submissions are not open to those who identify as men until June 1, 2023. Thank you for your support.

Requested topics

  • Artificial Intelligence topics
    • How to use ChatGPT
    • AI to help your experimentation program

  • Program Management topics
    • Structuring Experimentation programs across the whole organization
    • Change Management
    • Creating CRO processes from scratch
    • Managing high performing experimentation teams
    • Leadership in CRO, how to sell CRO without selling an uplift in CVR

  • Finer Points
    • Form optimization
    • Personalization

  • Server-Side Testing topics
    • Server-Side Testing
    • How to use both client-side and server-side together successfully

  • Tooling
    • GA4
    • What to do about the sunset of Google Optimize

  • Working with Product and other teams
    • Working with Product Teams
    • Getting onto Product roadmaps or backlogs
    • Working with SEO and Paid Channels
    • Lead-generation based examples (don’t see a lot of this, normally eComm or Sass)