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2021’s Worst CRO Jargon Tournament

Welcome to 2021’s Worst CRO Jargon Tournament!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we will post a new poll on our LInkedIn page asking our community to pick between two of this year’s worst CRO terms as submitted by our community. The term with the most votes moves on to the next round. Every time a voter correctly guesses which term the community thinks is worse, they get a point. You can track voters’ performance in the leaderboard below.

At the end of the tournament, we crown the worst CRO term of 2021! The voters who place in the top 10 (ties will be included) will have the opportunity to be interviewed on Experiment Nation, and write a message to be included in a newsletter!

Good luck!

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The Leaderboard

Kamil Jakubczyk2
Brent Jensen2
Vasilis Bachras (he/him)2
Gabriela Falcón2
Iva Obrovac2
Shaivi Sahay2
Brenda Noordeloos2
Vandhana D.2
Matthew Wilson2
Rishi Kumar2
Chaithan P Belmon2
Storm Jarvie2
Ajith Kumar B2
Nidhi Gohel1
Heather Miller1
Alex Mason1
Darian Rusow1
Chris Charlton1