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Siddharth TanejaToronto, Ontario, CanadaExperiment Nation: The PodcastLinkedIn
Jaya GuptaToronto, Ontario, CanadaExperiment Nation: The PodcastLinkedIn
Johann Van TonderCity of Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaGetting a snapshot of the experimentation industry’s maturity, approaches, and attitudesLinkedIn
Angeles AlonsoMadrid, Community of Madrid, SpainLeveraging UX Research to get the most out of Conversion Rate OptimizationLinkedIn
Sam IrvineGreater Reading AreaPartnering with clients and helping them not get bogged down with statisticsLinkedIn
Gerda Vogt-ThomasEstoniaHow to approach standing up a CRO programLinkedIn
Munir Al-DajaniSeattle, Washington, United StatesRunning Experiments on Personalization, Machine Learning, and AILinkedIn
Alex AtkinsAustin, Texas Metropolitan AreaThe challenges of SEO testing and coordinating the many pieces of a growth programLinkedIn
Magnolia CarvajalGreater Leeds AreaExperimenting in an Agile EnvironmentLinkedIn
Guido X JansenThe Randstad, NetherlandsOptimization and the human mindLinkedIn
Chad SandersonGreater Seattle AreaTo build or buy? Solving the classic Experimenter’s dilemma

Don’t call us CROs

Whatever the size of your company, Experimentation not only protects your KPIs but your job as well
Summer HuToronto, Ontario, CanadaExploring the suitability of t-tests for A/B tests involving RPVLinkedIn
Claire YehCanada Experimentation is key to Personalization successLinkedIn
Eden BidaniIsraelThe how, what, and why of copy testingLinkedIn
Bithika MehraMarina del Rey, California, United StatesPartnering with HiPPOs and leveraging neuromarketing to drive conversionLinkedIn
Renee ThompsonCumming, Georgia, United StatesHow to effectively test on B2B customer propertiesLinkedIn
Zharina PeleaGreater Vancouver Metropolitan AreaHow to design an Experimentation strategy that supports product-developmentLinkedIn
Collin Tate CrowellNorth Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaExploring the world’s cultures of ExperimentationLinkedIn
Melanie KyrklundAmsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsNurturing an Experimentation culture by focusing on the processLinkedIn
Kay del RosarioToronto, Ontario, CanadaWords matter: Writing copy that convertsLinkedIn
Michelle MosherAustin, Texas, United StatesHighlighting the need to promote diversity in the CRO industryLinkedIn
Geetu MehtaGreater Melbourne AreaExperimentation strategy: Development and getting buy-inLinkedIn
Nermin CanikIstanbul, TurkeyConcrete tips from a CRO veteranLinkedIn
Gertrud VahtraLondon, England, United KingdomHow to develop and prioritize HypothesesLinkedIn
Talia WolfIsraelFocusing on solving problems not changing page elementsLinkedIn
Nancy KawatraVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaDelivering value in the long-runLinkedIn
Hatice KayaIstanbul, TurkeyBalancing making clients happy while being true to the processLinkedIn
Sophie D’SouzaVancouver, British Columbia, Canada Demonstrating the value of Experimentation to clientsLinkedIn
Connor BradleyToronto, Ontario, CanadaEnabling multi-channel ExperimentationLinkedIn
Anil BatraRedmond, Washington, United StatesUnderstanding why some companies are data-driven while others are notLinkedIn
Mike LoveridgeBountiful, Utah, United StatesHow to continuously run experiments without wasting trafficLinkedIn
Jennifer LuiSan Francisco Bay AreaExperimentation and brand marketingLinkedin
Henrik KahraMiami, Florida, United StatesEstimating the annual impact of ExperimentsLinkedin
Jonny LongdenLeeds, England, United KingdomJust test the bloody thingLinkedIn
Matt SmithLondon, England, United KingdomHandling clients’ most common objectionsLinkedIn
Siobhan SolbergGreeceGoing from music to ExperimentationLinkedIn
Eddie AguilarPortland, Oregon Metropolitan AreaThe importance of gaining trustLinkedIn
Naoshi YamauchiChapel Hill, North Carolina, United StatesNurturing an Experimentation culture with clientsLinkedIn
Chris StucchioSan Francisco, California, United StatesLearn from Experimentation’s statistics leaders

Learn from the “compulsive gambler” behind VWO’s Bayesian test engine
John MeakinAustin, Texas, United StatesLearn from Experimentation’s statistics leaders

A review of Peeking, Post-Hoc Power, and Confidence
Georgi GeorgievBulgariaLearn from Experimentation’s statistics leaders

As your testing velocity increases —so does the potential impact of Experiment Interaction
Tracey ReedAuckland, Auckland, New ZealandMaking websites work harderLinkedIn
Sumantha ShankaranarayanaBangalore Urban, Karnataka, India Communication is key to overcoming skepticsLinkedIn
Marianne StjernvallStockholm Metropolitan AreaStaying connected and navigating uncertain timesLinkedIn
Tony GrantUnited Arab Emirates Getting people excited about ExperimentationLinkedIn
Ric RileyManchester, England, United KingdomDelivering value to clientsLinkedIn
Anirhudh SridharanTamil Nadu, IndiaAlign on goalsLinkedIn
Brandon BrackettIndianapolis, Indiana, United States Over-communication above allLinkedIn
Ton WesselingThe Randstad, NetherlandsThings to avoid when measuring the impact of a CRO programLinkedIn
Shiva ManjunathAustin, Texas, United StatesDon’t call us CROs

Championing data over opinion and bias

Conversion Rate Optimization, Best Practices, and Other Terribly Named things
Kenya DavisCharlotte MetroDon’t call us CROs

The challenges of running an Experimentation program at a large corporation
Scott OlivaresSan Francisco Bay Area Don’t call us CROs

To get personalization right — have good manners and experiment
Jonas AlvesLisbon Metropolitan AreaDon’t call us CROs

Learn about the mind behind’s Experimentation engine
Marlies Wilms FloetApeldoorn, Gelderland, Netherlands 10 tips on nurturing an Experimentation CultureLinkedIn
Alexandra ResnickNew York, New York, United States Living and Experimenting during crazy timesLinkedIn
Aleksander FabijanGreater Seattle AreaThe Experimentation Growth Model and Scaling ExperimentationLinkedIn
Jon CrowderGreater Leeds AreaLaunching a world-class Experimentation program and how to spot a healthy Experimentation cultureLinkedIn
Alex BirkettAustin, Texas, United StatesHow Experimentation can be used for Growth and after you’ve established your Content StrategyLinkedIn
Brent JensenToronto, Ontario, Canada Driving growth through focused experimentationLinkedIn
Heather VodenSan Francisco, California, United States Scaling marketing through ExperimentationLinkedIn
Stephen PavlovichLondon, England, United KingdomConvincing clients on ExperimentationLinkedIn
Sebastian LarssonDurrington, England, United KingdomExperimentation roadmaps begin with researchLinkedIn
Elise MaileLondon, England, United KingdomThe importance of an Experimentation Roadmap and getting buy-in from developersLinkedIn
Abhishek RathoreTokyo, JapanRunning the world’s biggest job site’s Experimentation ProgramLinkedIn
Vipul BansalLucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Experimentation is the right way to be wrongLinkedIn
Emily LonettoSan Francisco, California, United StatesPowering past things that didn’t work and the importance of focusLinkedIn
Greg LeachToronto, Ontario, Canada Experimentation informs decision makingLinkedIn
Rishi RawatGreater Lansing Focusing on buyer psychology to unlock CRO performanceLinkedIn
Claire FitzpatrickDallas-Fort Worth MetroplexExperimentation isn’t something done at the end of a process — it’s part of a continuous customer-obsessed loopLinkedIn
Alek ToumertChicago, Illinois, United States Exploring organizational design for ExperimentationLinkedIn
Josh SookmanGreater Toronto Area, Canada Driving product development through ExperimentationLinkedIn
Leila SayahToronto, Ontario, Canada Succeeding at Experimentation and Personalization depends on more than just toolsLinkedIn
David MannheimManchester Area, United KingdomHow Experimentation fits in with Analytics and Research as well as why Personalization hasn’t hit the mainstream yetLinkedIn
Franceska VirayGreater Toronto Area, Canada While often overlooked, don’t underestimate the importance of QA when running ExperimentsLinkedIn
Jess VandenbruggenNewcastle East, New South Wales, Australia Everyone is going to be in ExperimentationLinkedIn
Daniel Martin del CampoZapopan, Jalisco, MexicoMore than skills, the most important thing to have in Experimentation is curiosityLinkedIn
John OstrowskiWrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland The path to a career in CRO is never straightLinkedIn
Emeline Catherine Dit CariotThe Randstad, NetherlandsHave Experimentation — will travelLinkedIn
Dan GrayCanadaExperimentation doesn’t have to stay online when it comes GrowthLinkedIn
Jeff GoldenbergGreater Toronto Area, CanadaHow to approach clients resistant to ExperimentationLinkedIn
Natalie LinNew York, New York, United States Changing high-visibility core experiences requires substantial stakeholder buy-inLinkedIn
Brian David HallEufaula, Alabama, United States Sometimes you don’t seek out Experimentation — but it seeks youLinkedIn
Ramli JohnToronto, Ontario, CanadaThere is no growth without rigorous experimentationLinkedIn
Nicola AmbrogioCanadaLeveraging data and experimentation rather than gut feelings to deliver customer-centric productsLinkedIn
Grace DuToronto, Ontario, CanadaIf you’re deciding whether to build an experimentation platform in-house or go with a 3rd party vendor — read this firstLinkedIn
Jakub LinowskiGreater Toronto Area, CanadaUI design is hard work — but GoodUI is leveraging Experimentation to make that work easierLinkedIn
Angela KangToronto, Ontario, Canada A firm knowledge of statistics will help you excel at experimentationLinkedIn
Josh LoboCanadaLeveraging research and experimentation to drive innovationLinkedIn
Kareem AzeesGreater Toronto Area, CanadaDon’t assume your customers’ motivations — only by talking directly to them can you growLinkedIn
James FloryCanadaA senior strategist shares his perspective on how to succeed at ExperimentationLinkedIn
Jason YangVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaA Conversion Conversation with TELUS Digital’s Jason YangLinkedIn

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Rommil SantiagoToronto, Ontario, CanadaExperimentation, Marketing, Product ManagementLinkedIn
Manna Elizabeth MathewGreater Toronto Area, CanadaWeb Analytics, Digital Customer Experience, Digital StrategyLinkedIn
Andrew GodfreyCanadaCreative Strategy, Management, Product DevelopmentLinkedIn
Aybala KaradayilarBerlinProduct Management, Design Thinking, A/B TestingLinkedIn
Michael St LaurentVancouverExperimentation Program ConsultingLinkedIn
Jonny LongdenLeeds, United KingdomAnalytics & research, strategy, advancing the fieldLinkedIn
Carlos OliveiraTorontoBusiness model design, customer development, experiment designLinkedIn
Paul DrakeUKExperimentation, A/B Testing, User Research, Business StrategyLinkedIn
Pedro CostaPortugalCRO, Acquisition channels, products engagement and retentionLinkedIn
David StepienBonn, GermanyExperimentation, Data AnalysisLinkedIn
Nadim HaddadToronto, CanadaExperimentation, personalization, analytics, BU reportingLinkedIn
Robert RichterGermany, DresdenCRO/AB Testing/User ResearchLinkedIn
Greg SherwinLisboa, PortugalSoftware architecture and engineering; platform design; systems thinking; complexity science; data scienceLinkedIn
Dylan LewisSan Diego, CA USAExperimentation, Analytics, and Decision MakingLinkedIn
Collin CrowellVancouverCX, Consulting, Experimentation and personalization trend research and reportingLinkedIn
Brendan McCookWashington, DC, USAAB Testing, Product Strategy, ConsultingLinkedIn

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