About Experiment Nation - Experiment Nation

About Experiment Nation

Tracy Laranjo
Podcast host, English

Positive John
Podcast host, Portuguese

Ana Catarina Cizilio
Podcast host, Portuguese

Marion Ravel
Podcast host, French

João pedro de Queiroz Alencar
Podcast editor

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Our vision

Connect the world’s Experimenters through content.

Give every Experimenter a voice.

Our values

These values guide our decisions as we strive to realize our vision.

We willWe won’t
Create content with the goal of connecting Experimenters from around the worldCreate content for the sake of creating content
Solve Experimenters’ needsOnly solve for Experiment Nation’s or 3rd party brands’ needs
Welcome all forms of Experimentation and Experimenter – supporting Diversity, Equality, and InclusionMinimize the perspectives or approaches of other Experimenters; or play a passive role in promoting the voices of Experimenters who are often overlooked
Grow the Experiment Nation community responsiblyPursue revenue at the expense of a healthy experimenter community or our values