Our Story

A passion project that’s taken a life of its own

We’re like this, but instead of food at a table, we run Experiments, and instead of the table, it’s around the world. OK, maybe we are not like this at all. But what a lovely photo.

Our Mission

Connect the world’s Experimenters. Lead by Experiment.

The backstory

Hello. Thanks for visiting.

When I first started this project, all I wanted to do was to write a few clever posts on Experimentation and chat with some folks who were smarter than me. In my mind, I was going to post an article once a week, and pepper in some interesting conversations here and there. But once I started going — I quickly found the Interviews were the most enjoyable part of the process.

I then reached out to people I knew on LinkedIn, and their connections, and their connections’ connections — trying to find people who were willing to chat with me about their experiences with Experimentation. I sprayed and prayed. I estimated a 0.1% conversion rate (outreach to published interview) — but what I didn’t expect was a conversion rate many orders of magnitude greater.

I discovered that there are so many people around the world involved in Experimentation, and we all love to geek out on its power. There are so many amazing people out there — all open about their thoughts, and all united in one thing :  leveraging Experimentation to help drive results.

So that’s the backstory of this modest little passion-project. I’m so happy you took the time to read this. Tell a friend. Catch my typos. Find us on Spotify. Be a Patreon.

Above all, stay passionate about Experimentation.

Let’s chat soon,

Our awesome Patreons

I’d love to hold an event in Toronto one day, focused on Experimentation and Personalization. But I need to raise some beer and pizza money, etc. So kindly consider being a Patreon =)

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