About Experiment Nation

Founded by Rommil Santiago to help give every Experimenter a voice.

Experiment Nation’s Values

These values guide Experiment Nation’s decisions as we strive to realize our vision.

We willWe won’t
Create content with the goal of connecting Experimenters from around the worldCreate content for the sake of creating content
Solve Experimenters’ needsOnly solve for Experiment Nation’s or 3rd party brands’ needs
Welcome all forms of Experimentation and Experimenter – supporting Diversity, Equality, and InclusionMinimize any reasonable perspective or approach of other Experimenters; or play a passive role in promoting the voices of Experimenters who are often overlooked
Grow the Experiment Nation community responsiblyPursue revenue at the expense of a healthy experimenter community or our values

The CRO Qualification Exam board

The Board oversees the quality and the structure of Experiment Nation’s CRO Qualification Exam – ensuring that it is fair, representative of our industry, and without bias.

Rommil Santiago
Founder, Experiment Nation and Solution Strategy Director at Optimizely


Shiva Manjunath
Senior Web Product Manager, CRO at Motive

United States

Eden Bidani
Conversion Copywriter. Marketing and Acquisition Strategist at
Green Light Copy


Siobhan Solberg
Founder of Raze


Michael St Laurent
Managing Director, Conversion North America


Edd Saunders
Optimisation Consultant, LeanConvert

United Kingdom

Haley Carpenter
Founder of Chirpy

United States

Pritul Patel
Senior Product Lead, Experimentation Platform and Program, Peakcock

United States

Ryan Webb
Conversion Optimisation Consultant, Ryan Webb Consultancy

United Kingdom

Andra Baragan
Founder, Ontrack Digital


Marion Ravel
Optimisation Specialist, Programme Alimentaire Mondial


Lorenzo Carreri
CRO and Experimentation Consultant, Speero

United Kingdom