Experiment Nation: The Conference 2022

We want Experimenters and CROs to learn from each other

At Experiment Nation, we believe that diverse thought leads to better outcomes and this is why we are creating a platform for Experimenters of all experience levels and backgrounds to share their thoughts and insights.

To help give everyone in our community a voice, the Experiment Nation Conference is giving those who are new to speaking at events a chance to speak at one without all of the usual pressure or stress of presenting to a live audience.

We are better together.

How it will work this year

  • It will still be virtual and on-demand.
  • Each session will be from 5 minutes to 30 minutes long.
  • We will publish new sessions each day between September 26 to 30, 2022
  • It will be FREE to all Experiment Nation Bi-Weekly newsletter subscribers.

Not your typical conference lineup

We wanted speakers from around the world with representation from at least 10 countries. We also wanted a strong representation from women and people of colour. We want all this because we have the world to gain by learning from so many different perspectives. With that in mind, here is the current schedule:

Monday, September 26, 2022My quick and dirty approach to creating a Learning AgendaRommil Santiago
Optimizers think they know data, but only a few do these three thingsAlexandra Matheny
How to create a customer journey mapAnthony Wallace
Pre-test planning: The Red-Headed Stepchild of ExperimentationHaley Carpenter
Why Focus on Skeptical First-time Buyers?Rishi Rawat
How to land a great job in CRO (and earn what you’re worth)Tracy Laranjo
Tuesday, September 27, 2022The secrets behind a thriving relationship between a CRO agency and the clientAndra Baragan
Conquer your first 90 days as a new CRO SpecialistCarlos Trujillo
Getting started leading an experimentation programmeCristina Pujol
Life is an ExperimentEvelyn EBO
Purists vs Pragmatists in CRO – and why we need the latter to grow our industryMatt Scaysbrook
From CRO to CVOValentin Radu
Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence of AbsenceQike (Max) LI
Wednesday, September 28, 202210 Areas for B2B Ecommerce OptimisationAmrdeep Athwal
How can experimentation be taken more seriouslyJonny Longden
How to change visitor’s habits with running server-side testsLucia van den Brink
Getting Buy-in For Experiment IdeasShiva Manjunath
Multi Faceting Your DTC Brand to Optimize Email RevenueTrina Moitra
Thursday, September 29, 2022How to optimize you shopping cart: Tips and Live teardownAdrian Timar
Testing Data ScienceKelsey Kincaid and Hannah Alexander
Using Heatmaps to make data-driven analysisDeborah O’Malley
Lessons Experimentation practitioners can learn from explorers of historyLucas Vos
3-column checkout layout: Verifone case studyNicoleta Danilet
2 Experimentation ideas that helped my Product Management CareerOlabanji Ewenla
The Digital Experimentation Model Marylin Montoya
Friday, September 30, 2022How to use questions in CRO and how to build a Questioning frameworkRiccardo Vandra
7 tips for CRO Program SuccessChris Marsh
Mixed Methods: How UX Research can supercharge your experimentation practiceHarriet Swan
The “Unstructured” Brain FrameworkJuliana Jackson
Experiment to InnovateKenneth Kutyn
Scaling a self-serve Experimentation ProgramSabrina Naqvi
CRO’s role among Web Analytics and UXIzabella Lopes
How to Optimize Your Testing Program via the Inclusion of a Shared Control GroupHannah Alexander and Luke Youtsey

Some highlights about our lineup

We’re giving many CROs their first chance to speak at a conference.

We have speakers from 12 countries.

Just under half of our speakers identify as she/her.

Over 35% of our speakers are People of Colour.

We’d love for this percentage to be higher for future events and we’ll continue to do our best to reach out to speakers of diverse backgrounds. As always, we’re open to suggestions and feedback on how we can make this event better in the future.

How to get access to the recorded sessions

Our newsletter subscribers get access to all the recorded sessions from not only our 2022 event but also those from 2021!