Experiment Nation: The Conference 2023 – DAY FIVE

My CRO Career: From Generalist to Specialist ft. Gulny Zileli
It's often customary to begin a marketing CRO career by specializing in a specific area and gradually expanding knowledge across different pillars. However, my journey took a different route, and it has been an exciting one! 😊

Having managed digital marketing teams in various organizations, I initially embraced a 'generalist' role where conversion optimization (CRO) was just a small component of my responsibilities. However, my passion for CRO grew immensely, and I made a conscious decision to shift my focus and become a CRO expert.

I firmly believe that career paths can be fluid and adaptable. Throughout my experience, I've learned valuable lessons about navigating professional trajectories, and I would be delighted to share my journey and insights with all of you.

00:00 - Introduction
00:50 - The Decision to Transition
06:00 - The Generalist Phase of the Journey
11:00 - The Turning Point: Embracing CRO
15:28 - Shifting Focus: Challenges and Choices
18:53 - Applying Generalist Skills to CRO
23:25 - Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
27:53 - Embracing Growth and Change
33:20 - Closing Remarks
34:50 - Connect with the Speaker
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