Experiment Nation: The Conference 2023 – DAY THREE

Creating CRO Processes from Scratch with Steph Le Prevost
This session will focus on creating CRO processes from scratch. I will let you know the top things you need in place to create a powerful experimentation program that is future-proofed.

Chapters how to stand-up processes for CRO:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Setting the Scene
01:45 The Scientific Method for Experimentation
03:51 Smart Goals and the "Learn and Earn" Arms
07:00 Starting with Research Questions
09:47 Consistent Data Capture and Analysis
12:16 Utilizing Risk Profile
15:06 Sharing Results and Data Storytelling
17:56 Explore-Exploit-Fold Methodology and Iteration
19:34 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
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