Experiment Nation: The Conference 2023 – DAY TWO

Landing Page Optimization: Your landing page should end your ad story ft. Gerda Vogt-Thomas
* Landing Page Optimization
* I’ll reference this case study https://koalatative.com/blog/your-landing-page-should-be-the-conclusion-of-a-campaign-story-a-case-study-from-sidekick-com/
* I’ll also try to find other landing page examples from work
* I’ll talk about how to do research for your landing page
* Companies spend huge amounts of money on ads but often when we look into it the organic content converts at a much higher rate, but serves as more of an afterthought unfortunately
* People treat their home page or PDP as a “landing page” for every single campaign and wonder why the ads aren’t converting
* Every new campaign should ideally have a dedicated landing page but noone seems to find building new pages as hot as creating new ads
* You need good infrastructure around this so you can launch new pages quickly
* This is also partly because CRO/Growth/Web tends to work separately from Ads teams, especially in large organizations - there needs to be more collaboration to make landing pages work.


00:00 - Introduction
01:56 - The Problem with Landing Page Creation
03:55 - The Disconnect Between Ads and Landing Pages
8:12 - Case Study: Building Personalized Landing Pages
14:10 - Research Techniques: Microsoft Clarity, Surveys, and More
19:36 - Maximizing Organic Traffic Insights
21:49 - The Issue of Infrastructure and Team Collaboration
23:52 - Treating Landing Page Creation as a Story
25:54 - Conclusion and Contact Information
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