Frequently Asked Questions - Experiment Nation

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Experiment Nation founded?

November 2019 by Rommil Santiago. Our first guest was Jason Yang.

Why did you start Experiment Nation?

Check out Our Story.

How many people are working on Experiment Nation?

The number varies depending on the time of year. If you’d like to contribute, contact us here.

Does Experiment Nation make money?

We make a little money from advertising, but it’s mostly to offset the costs of keeping the lights on (e.g. hosting costs, software, etc.) If you’d like to advertise/work with us, contact us here.

I love your content. How can I make sure you don’t go away?

Thanks! If you want to support us, check out this page.

Where do you see Experiment Nation in 5 years?

We need to collect more data before we answer that – let’s just get through this year, shall we?

Where do you find your guests?

Connections, and friends of friends. Mostly through a lot of LinkedIn searches. If you’d like to be featured, contact us here.