Experiment Nation: The Conference 2022 – DAY TWO

Conquer your first 90 days as a new CRO Specialist with Carlos Trujillo
In this session, I want to cover the most strategic actions that a new Experimentation Strategist (or Program Manager) can execute during their first three months in the role to increase trust among the stakeholders and clients.

I will share this based on my experience working with clients such as Miro, Procore, The Bouqs, and Gympass, among others.

About the speaker
Carlos has over nine years of experience working in online marketing and mass media. As an agency founder, he has led web development and conversion optimization projects for more than 80 brands in multiple regions and verticals. It has provided him with broad expertise in conversion optimization, user research, ecommerce strategy, digital psychology, and data analysis that let him contribute to driving innovation that delivers more profits.

As an Experimentation Strategist (former Program Manager) at Speero, he has been actively involved in running the Experimentation Programs of fast-growth companies such as Miro, Procore, The Bouqs, and Gympass, among others.

0:00 - Introduction
1:04 - What you’ll take away from this talk?
2:03 - Why 90 days?
2:23 - Blockers you might face in your first 90 days in the Role
3:45 - 10 ideas for Month 1, Month 2, Month 3
4:49 - Get familiar with the business goals
5:10 - Be a reliable resource of valuable information
5:23 - Identify how mature the company is and adapt accordingly
5:48 - Don’t be afraid of calling out bad practices and unrealistic CRO case studies
6:30 - Make others achieve their own success
6:53 - Get people exposed to research findings as quickly as you can
7:35 - Start by running non-inferiority experiments
7:52 - Get the key people familiar with CRO processes and technicalities
8:19 - Work on improving your systems every day
8:49 - Tie experiments to specific business goals
9:13 - In summary
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