Experiment Nation: The Conference 2022 – DAY THREE

How can experimentation be taken more seriously? with Jonny Longden
Many businesses approach conversion optimisation by hiring a single in-house practitioner and believing that they can run all aspects of the discipline.

Most CROs are generally very multiskilled because that have had to learn to be so, however this approach typically leaves them frustrated because they lack the support of specialist resources required to take their craft to the next level.

In truth, optimisation requires a team of very different skills and ways of thinking. This doesn't mean you have to hire a big internal team, but you do need to forward plan where and how you are going to get these skills from when you need them, and need them you will.

You will learn about the comprehensive set of skills and resources needed to scale a data-driven approach.

About Jonny
Jonny is Conversion Director at Journey Further, a performance marketing agency working with the world's leading brands, including the likes of Liberty London, Krispy Kreme and Lick Home. During his 15 year career of improving websites with strategy, experimentation and data, he build and led the conversion team at Sky, as well overseeing the ecommerce strategy and operations at Principal Hotel Company.

0:00 - Introduction
3:49 - How can experimenters tackle bigger business questions?
4:41 - 2 key ways that experimentation goes wrong
7:38 - What do companies usually use CRO and Experimentation?
9:45 - What is the ideal situation?
10:21 - Replicating the scientific approach in a business context
12:41 - A concrete example
17:38 - Recap
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