A Product Management guide to Experimentation and A/B testing

A Growth Manager and Product Manager’s Guide to Experimentation, A/B Testing Strategy and Analyzing Results

Learn the basics of Experimentation (aka A/B or AB testing) that all Product Managers should know in about an hour!

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At the end of this no-nonsense course, students will understand the role of Experimentation in helping make strategic decisions, how to design basic Experiments and analyze their results, and how to develop a strategy that maximizes your resources and drives results.

We’ll explore:

  1. When should you run Experiments?
  2. 10 important terms in Experimentation
  3. The Experimentation process
  4. Developing an Experimentation roadmap
  5. Building the team
  6. How to nurture an Experimentation culture
  7. Communication
  8. Documentation
  9. Intermediate/Advanced topic: Analyzing Results (Introduction to Frequentist, Bayesian, and Sequential statistics)

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