How to convince your company to invest in A/B testing and Experimentation

A Product Manager & CRO guide to navigating the challenges, and politics of launching an experimentation program

Launching an experimentation program can be challenging. While a lot has been written about how to get them off the ground, very little has been written about navigating the politics of doing so. This course covers just that.

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Written by industry veteran, Rommil Santiago, this short and to-the-point guide helps students learn about all the pitfalls and gotchas that most programs face, how to ensure that they get enough resources, as well as how to ensure stakeholders witness the value of experimentation – constantly.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Permission Cycle
  3. Getting permission to try
  4. Sprinting to show value
  5. Delivering ROI
  6. Getting permission to grow
  7. Other gotchas
  8. In closing

We’ll explore:

  1. The cycle of permission
  2. How to get buy-in
  3. How to demonstrate the value of your program
  4. How to set yourself up to get more resources to grow your program
  5. The challenges of starting a new experimentation program

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