The 2023 Experiment Nation Conference Award Winners

About the awards

A panel of judges made up of contributors to Experiment Nation watched every session and voted for the best speakers in several categories. Judges could not vote for their own sessions if they presented during the session. This year, the judges are:

  • Rommil Santiago – Director of Growth Product at Loblaw Digital and Founder of Experiment Nation.
  • Claire More – Claire is Head of Optimization at SplitBase, maximizing revenue for DTC brands through research-supported experimentation and optimization.
  • Tracy Laranjo – Tracy is a Fractional Head of CRO for innovative DTC brands and co-hosts the no-bullsh*t podcast “From A to B” on spicy topics in CRO and experimentation. She’s a two-time A/B Testing Influencer You Need to Follow.
  • Andra Baragan – Andra is the founder of Ontrack Digital. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, she works with e-commerce businesses worldwide to help them scale through experimentation.
  • Ryan Webb – Working for 20+ years in Digital Marketing, ultimately specializing in Conversion Optimisation, Ryan now Mentors, Advises, and Consults on all things relating to website performance and is on a mission to convince other experimenters to use their powers for sustainability.
  • Mary Sata – Mary is a Conversion Designer, now an eCommerce CRO Consultant who leverages her expertise in sales funnels, UX/UI and customer journeys to help businesses thrive and make sales processes work for the better.

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