Experiment Nation is starting a podcast

What could go wrong?

Over the last 12 months, countless people have asked me, when are you going to start a podcast? And I always responded, “Who has time for that?” and “Ugh, I hate my voice. Who’d want to listen to that for half an hour?”

But as time went on, it became clearer to me that the thing that was lacking from our interviews was more of a human touch – something that only audio could provide.

So in the spirit of trying and iterating on things – I finally decided to start a podcast called, Experiment Nation: The Podcast. I know, the title is incredibly original. Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll start reaching out to folks to see if they’d like to be featured on the podcast. I’m not sure where this will go – but it will be fun to find out.

I’ll still be posting Interviews with Experimenters, I’ll just be adding a podcast here and there – every month, perhaps. I don’t foresee the episodes being very long, maybe 30 minutes at the most, and around 20 minutes on average. I’d like to also try a panel somehow – which I feel lends itself more to an audio format. I’m particularly looking forward to the Lightning rounds.

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in participating in this new project, feel free to reach me via the Contact section of this site. Until then, feel free to subscribe to Experiment Nation: The Podcast over at Spotify.

Rommil Santiago

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We’ll highlight our latest members throughout our site, shout them out on LinkedIn, and for those who are interested, include them in an upcoming profile feature on our site.

Rommil Santiago