Rachel Harrison

What is your name?

Rachel Harrison

Where are do you live?

Leeds, UK

What is it that you do?

I am currently the CRO Manager at Connective3. A performance marketing agency based in Leeds City Centre.

What industry do you focus on?

A range of industries as we are a marketing agency. These can range from finance, FMCG and travel.

Why is Experimentation important to you and/or your job?

As the CRO manager I am responsible for ensuring that our clients websites are optimised to ensure the maximum about of conversions, to hit KPIs and also to improve on-site UX.

What are some of the kinds of experiments that you run?

I run A/B tests regularly for our clients, to monitor performance and see the impact that making small iterative changes can have.

How long have you been experimenting?

4 and a half years

How did you get exposed to Experimentation?

I learnt all about UX at university which I found fascinating. Since learning about how bad websites can be, and cool technology such as eye tracking glasses I knew that I wanted to learn more and pursue this as a career.

How did you improve your skills as an experimenter?

I have worked in a variety of different environments, from in house at a financial company and then at a agency where I have been exposed to working with a range of amazing people. I have also had various training, whilst also being able to utilise my skills across a range of sectors and clients.

How did you learn about Experiment Nation?

I saw a post on Linkedin.

What do you have going on that you’d like our audience to know?

I’d love to spread the word more on how user research compliments and works so great when looking at doing a optimisation programme.

How can or audience reach you of they’d like to learn more about you?

Messaging me on my linkedin platform – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelharrisonuk/

Would you be open to mentoring new Experimenters or being mentored yourself?

I’d be open to mentoring others

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