Gerda Vogt-Thomas

What is your name?

Gerda Vogt-Thomas

Where are do you live?


What is it that you do?

Conversion Optimization and experimentation.

What industry do you focus on?

I don’t focus on a single industry

Why is Experimentation important to you and/or your job?

I hate the feeling of being stuck. I’m curious about everything, constantly want to try out new things and like innovation. Experimentation is one of the few ways to find real answers to questions that can potentially improve things.

What are some of the kinds of experiments that you run?

At work: (if the client has enough sample size) AB tests based on conversion research. At home: which one of my cats will act the silliest in this cardboard box.

How long have you been experimenting?

Around 4 years.

How did you get exposed to Experimentation?

I got an entry level job at CXL (now Speero).

How did you improve your skills as an experimenter?

Working on a lot of different client accounts, following other CRO peoples’ work and content + courses.

How did you learn about Experiment Nation?

Rommil reached out awhile ago to do an interview for the blog.

What do you have going on that you’d like our audience to know?

I’m creating a site with useful content for people who are starting out and a interview Just launched a website and a video podcast about building it @

How can or audience reach you of they’d like to learn more about you?

Through LinkedIn.

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