The best CRO career advice

We asked the CRO community on LinkedIn and on our community Slack channel what is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received. Here is what they said.

Speak up

Always ask for more” – Khalil Guliwala

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed” – Anthony Wallace

“You don’t find what you’re looking for because you settle with what you find” – Valentin Radu

“In life you don’t have what you want, you have what you negotiate.” – Juliana Jackson (May or may not be stolen from Valentin)

Be a good partner

“Be kind” – Luke Frake

The numbers or work don’t mean anything if you don’t have trust with the stakeholders.”Eddie Aguilar

“Communicate early and often.” – Gareth Hockley

Be kind to yourself

“Don’t go into newspapers” – Justin Coons

“There’s always someone one step ahead of you. And there’s always someone one step behind you.” – Eden Bidani

“Life is about the journey not the destination if you spend all your time looking at where you want to be you will never appreciate where you are.” – Amrdeep Singh Athwal

Work smarter, not harder

Expect the worst because when it happens you’ll be prepared, not surprised, and not disappointed whereas if the best happens you’ll be pleasantly surprised” – Aaron Stillman

“Spend more time diagnosing the problem than prescribing the solution” – Tracy Laranjo

“Your time gets increasingly expensive as you grow, use it wisely.” – Steve Khuu

“Better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission.” – Shan Lodhi

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