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Experiment Nation: The Podcast

Rommil and Shannon interview Experimenters from around the world. These light-hearted and casual conversations explore the personalities behind the Experiments, how our guests got into Experimentation, and how they tackle our industry’s most pressing challenges.




Copywriter and Content Consultant


Look behind the curtain of our industry. Every month, a panel of Experimenters explores the joys, as well as the pet peeves of working in CRO. Be a fly on the wall, and listen to Experimentation experts as they talk shop.


An experimentation wizard who is obsessed with data. I’m passionate about testing to learn, driving revenue, and creating high value user experiences. In my off time, I’m either listening to a podcast, running outside, or watching hockey

Kenya Davis


Decision Science Manager

Eddie Aguilar


A growth warrior fighting bad digital experiences with data driven decisions, and experimentation. In my spare time, I like to play games that challenge me to be better, go camping/hiking, and spend time with my family.


A conversion champion who takes a customer-centric approach to website optimization and growth. When not running tests or analyzing a data set, you will find me running, biking, or swimming preparing for my next endurance race.

The Weekly Buzz

Every week, Bithika curates the top headlines from the Experiment Nation community. Keep up to date by following us on LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you’d like us to share an update, contact us here.


User Insights, Optimization & Analytics Consultant

Interviews with Experimenters

Hosted by Rommil, this quick-read series is where it all started. Rommil asks experts from around the world about their careers, and explores in-depth topics.


I like connecting people with ideas – and each other.

Adventures in Experimentation

Eden and Positive John leverage their years of experience in UX and Conversion copywriting to field common CRO questions. If you are new to the field, or even if you are a veteran, you’ll always learn something new by listening to these experts.


Conversion copywriter. Acquisition strategist. Growth mentor. Helping SaaS, tech & DTC brands drive crazy-good growth

Positive John

Brazilian/Polish. Proud engineer. Data enthusiast. Productivity nerd. Having fun and boosting money deploying growth experiments for a 350+ Million user SaaS

Coming in 2021:

Product Experimentation

Product Managers everywhere are leveraging the power of Experimentation to better solve customer problems and build better products. Learn from seasoned PMs and learn how to up your Product Management game with the latest Experimentation strategies


Data Science and Product Management


Product Owner

Coming in 2021:

Point / Counterpoint

Veteran CROs, Patrick and Marion, debate all the hot topics of the Experimentation field. Every episode, each is assigned a side, and the debate begins! No topic is off limits. Listen in as Trisha moderates the debate.


A/B Testing and Optimization


Digital Conversion


Marketing Communications

Our book

If you’ve ever tried to launch an Experimentation program from scratch, you know that it is challenging. That’s why we’ve created a short and to-the-point book that helps would-be experimentation program managers avoid all the common pitfalls. Based on over 15 years of experience, we hope that, Sprinting to show value helps readers navigate the inevitable choppy political waters. Get your copy today on Amazon or get the PDF version directly from us.

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Check out our courses on how Product Managers should leverage Experimentation and how to launch an Experimentation program here.

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