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Experiment Nation: The Podcast

Rommil interviews Experimenters from around the world. These light-hearted and casual conversations explore the personalities behind the Experiments, how our guests got into Experimentation, and how they tackle our industry’s most pressing challenges.

Interviews with Experimenters

This is where it all began. Rommil, Lucas, and Tracy interview Experimenters from around the world to share their career journeys, their advice, and most importantly, their stories through this quick-read series.

Some our recent interviews


Look behind the curtain of our industry. Every month, Kenya, Shiva, Eddie, and Siobhan explore the joys, as well as the pet peeves of working in CRO. Be a fly on the wall, and listen to Experimentation experts as they talk shop.

Adventures in Experimentation

Eden and Positive John leverage their years of experience in UX and Conversion copywriting to field common CRO questions. If you are new to the field, or even if you are a veteran, you’ll always learn something new by listening to these experts.

Product Experimentation

Product Managers everywhere are leveraging the power of Experimentation to better solve customer problems and build better products. Learn from seasoned PMs, Jaya and Siddharth, and learn how to up your Product Management game with the latest Experimentation strategies

Point / Counterpoint

Veteran CROs, Patrick and Marion, explore different angles of the hot topics of the Experimentation field. Listen in as Trisha guides the discussion.

The Weekly Buzz

Every week Bithika finds and shared the latest news from the Experimentation industry on LinkedIn.

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