Introducing the Experiment Nation Directory

Connecting to Experimenters from around the world just got a little easier

Finding and connecting with other Experimenters can be challenging – trust us, we know first hand. To help make this task a bit easier, we’re announcing the Experiment Nation Directory. There, not only can you find a listing of all our past guests, you will also find other like-minded Experimenters, Conversion Rate Optimizers, A/B testers and Data Scientists.

Easy to join and we won’t send you any email

To join, simply fill out this form with your information and we’ll get you on the list within 5 business days. Because we are linking to Experimenters’ LinkedIn profiles, so you won’t have to worry about Experiment Nation send you any unwanted emails. In fact, we aren’t even asking for your email in the first place!

Promote yourself and your services

Furthermore, by default, we will link to your LinkedIn profile, but if you become a Patreon member, you can customize the link copy and have it link to any URL of your choosing. Just a little thank you for those who help us keep the lights on.

We hope you enjoy this way to connect!

Rommil Santiago