The weekly buzz: December 23, 2020

The Weekly Buzz

The Weekly Buzz. Watch the video for key takeaways.

1. Dark mode vs. light mode? How do people read online? For these and more insights, check out NN/g’s Top 10 #UX Articles of 2020!

2. Can #Agile reclaim its aim of developing products that customers need? Read Jonny Longden‘s post on “How to embed experimentation into Agile product development.”

3. From marketing lessons for uncertain times to growing organic traffic to ML, CXL published its list of top 10 articles of 2020.

4. Looking to understand the statistics behind A/B testing through simulations? Check out Tim Wilson and Search Discovery‘s A/B Test Simulator!

5. Building or buying an Experimentation tool? Read Chad Sanderson take on it

Want to be included in our round-up? Reach out to Bithika Mehra

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