The weekly buzz: January 6, 2021

The Weekly Buzz

Here’s the latest Weekly Buzz. Watch the video for key takeaways.

  1. How do you scale your experimentation program? Read about the A/B Testing Flywheel method in this post by Aleksander Fabijan (Microsoft), Benjamin Arai (Microsoft), Pavel Dmitriev (, and Lukas Vermeer (
  2. Want to safely peek at your A/B test results early? Listen to Merritt Aho talk about his Sequential Testing calculator on Guido Janssen’s CRO Cafe podcast. (Bonus: Link to the calculator)
  3. From best UX research methods for every stage to CX vs. UX, NN/g published their top videos in 2020. (Bonus: UX Research Cheat Sheet)
  4. Want to know who to follow on LinkedIn to get your CRO fix (besides Experiment Nation)? Marco Basile compiled a list of some prolific CRO content creators.
  5. What is the role of best practices in CRO? Hear Shiva Manjunath (Gartner), Kenya Davis (Evolytics), Edie Aguilar (Circle Media Labs) & Siobhan Solberg (Raze) share their thoughts on the latest episode of CR-No podcast.

If you’d like to be included in our round-up, please reach out to Bithika Mehra.

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