What Experiment Nation is listening to this summer Experiment Nation

What Experiment Nation is listening to this summer

Summer is upon us, and with it, longer days – and hopefully some time, here and there, to relax and enjoy the weather. While Experiment Nation seeks to share content that helps the community think about concepts it may have never considered before, we are here to also help connect us as a larger community.

And what do most folks have in common? Virtually all of us listen to music.

So we thought we’d do something a little more light-hearted than usual. Most of us at Experiment Nation are sharing our playlists! Very few things give you a glimpse into the mind and soul of someone like listening to their music for an afternoon. So with that said, we hope you enjoy our playlists, and consider sharing your own with the community. If you’d like to be included in the list below, just send your playlist to rommil@experimentnation.com.

Rommil Santiago

Tracy Laranjo

Catherine (Xuan) Chen

Positive John

Ana Catarina Cizilio

Hilda Bastidas

Siobhan Solberg

Eddie Aguilar

Shiva Manjunath

Zohaib Bakhtyar

While not Zohaib’s playist, this is music that he’s created. Enjoy!

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Rommil Santiago
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