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Hi Shaivi, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! How are you?

Hi Rommil, Thank you for having me. It was my pleasure.

I’d love to learn more about you. What is it that you do today, what has been your career journey so far?

Sure. So I currently work for a startup company in Bangalore, India as a Business Analyst (Conversion Rate Optimization). I joined this company right after my graduation. I analyze  different e-Commerce websites using Google Analytics and my company’s analytical tool. With the help of different analytical tools like GA, heatmaps and heuristic analysis, I come with various AB test ideas for the website. Along with that, I also overlook design, development and testing of the campaign.

Very cool. SoShaivi, as you know, one of the challenges of A/B testing and Experimentation is to focus energy on the right AB test ideas. Can you walk us through how you go about figuring out which opportunities are worth looking at? What sources of information do you look at?

Sure, generally I have two methods to look at it. 

  • I go by heuristic approach and then validate it with data  
  • I do funnel analytics and understand where is the leakage in the funnel and then go find problems on those pages 

As someone working at an agency, I imagine you have to juggle the needs of many clients at the same time. Do you have any advice as to how to keep all of their projects organized so you can stay on top of it all?

Since my agency does all end to end work from ideation of the campaign, designing, developing and testing the campaign it becomes difficult to juggle at times. But I use Trello and flock’s process automation to make my life a little easier. I also make a to-do list at the start of my week and tick them off once its done.

Having worked with many US and UK clients, have you ever noticed any differences between them from a Conversion Rate Optimization perspective?

Not really. Although I have seen UK clients be more educated about A/B testing.

That’s interesting to know. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.  

Finally, it’s time for the Lightning Round! Are you a Bayesian or a Frequentist?


If you couldn’t work in Experimentation, what would you do?

I  would surely be in the marketing world!

Describe Shaivi in 5 words or less

Empathetic but not emotional.

Is there anyone you’d like Experiment Nation to interview in the future?

I would like to name two people here who are super good at what they do. Divyendu Mishra and Tania Bhattacharya They both are expert in the CRO field.

Awesome, we’ll see what we can do! Thanks so much for chatting with me today!

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