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We’ve updated the Directory, the Job Board, and Tools

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We’ve recently rolled out a few changes to help showcase and connect the community more. You may have received some emails recently regarding being added and/or removed from our Directory – these were sent in error. We apologize for any confusion. The emails were triggered by migrating Members to our new system. If you no longer see yourself in the Directory, feel free to reach out.

Updated Directory

The first thing you’ll notice is that the directory looks different. It’s a bit more visual and responsive than the old table.

The new Directory
Profile Cards
Profile Cards

Now each Member has a profile card that features their:

  • Name
  • Profile photo
  • Pronouns (Optional)
  • Country
  • Headline
  • Link to their LinkedIn profile
  • Their openness to being mentored or mentoring others

All optional details do not show on a Member’s card if they are not opted into.

For Members who have submitted more information, the cards can be expanded to show:

  • Biography
  • Personal Website URL

Clicking on a Member’s Profile card links to their Profile page which lists all their details in a larger format but also includes all the Tools they’ve submitted, and all the Comments they’ve made on Tools (More later).

Member Profile page
Profile Management

Furthermore, you are now able to edit or delete your Profile whenever you want. No more submitting changes to us. =)

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Joining the Directory automatically sends you a confirmation asking whether you would like to join our weekly Newsletter. However, you do not need to be a subscriber to remain in the Directory (but it would be nice!)


Directory Search

Signed in Members, can now search the Directory for any term – including whether they are open for mentorship (just search for “mentor”), as well as filter for Country and Language spoken.

Directory Search (Requires Directory Membership)

Remember to sign in to see this feature. It’s available in the navigation.

Sign in/Log out here
Community Job Board

Directory Members can now submit and edit job postings. Furthermore, the Jobs Board is searchable by Title, Keywords, Company, or Country (including Remote).

Job Board

Finally, we updated our Toolbox. We’ve upgraded it so that it is searchable. Furthermore, Members can vote on, comment on, and submit tools. Tools include, A/B testing platforms, books, courses, etc. All comments and tools submitted appear on Member’s Profile Page.


Did we miss anything? Is there a feature you would like to see? Let us know or ping us on Slack!

Connect with Experimenters from around the world

We’ll highlight our latest members throughout our site, shout them out on LinkedIn, and for those who are interested, include them in an upcoming profile feature on our site.

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