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Every week, Rommil Santiago shares interesting LinkedIn posts that he runs across to help spark ideas and conversation. Here are this week’s finds:

1) From Ronny Kohavi

“In software, we often abort A/B tests (randomized controlled experiments) that are clearly negative and hurt users (, but we never abort a positive experiment; if anything, we would either start a larger experiment or a replication run. 

Merck announced Oct 1st that the results of Molnupiravir, an Oral Antiviral drug for COVID-19, are so good, they cut the trial short (

Health care is known to move slow, but there is also a push for more evidence-based health care. Is this such an example where we could do better by continuing the trial, and/or running a larger trial UNTIL Emergency Use Authorization is given? I’d love to hear from experts about why this decision makes sense in health care but not in the software world.”

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2) From Jonny Longden

“I know it’s an old debate, but it’s an interesting one nevertheless: should CRO be called that or should it be called something else?

It’s not just semantics and detail – the issue is much deeper.

The fact is that most people view CRO as a kind of hacking and tactical ‘tweaking’ of small stuff, which is 100% wrong and means they are missing out on massive potential benefit.

What it really is, is simply using the scientific method to de-risk everything you do through proof. This can fuel big things and it can also improve a tonne of stuff which isn’t conversion.

So no, the name doesn’t do it any favours.”

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3) From Aditi Gupta

“Product growth is not just top funnel acquisition, it happens at multiple touchpoints through out the customer journey. In my session for Product Drive this year I will talk about the 6 levers of growth and share some best practises around them.
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4) From Jason Vana

“Can you fit your brand strategy on 1 page?

If not, it’s likely too complex.”

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5) From Matt Scaysbrook

“I’ve spoken fairly vociferously in recent weeks about the level of criticism of “sub-par” CRO / experimentation work, and that that is not the way to develop an inclusive & better-informed industry.

None of us are so good that we are above mistakes. And none of us are so well-informed that we don’t misunderstand, or misapply subject-matter knowledge at times.

So let’s down the pitchforks & the flaming torches, acknowledge that there will always be mistakes, oversights & errors, and focus on what brings us together as an industry, not what divides us.”

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