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People expect overnight results. And it’s your duty as optimization specialist to inform and educate clients and stakeholders that and your employers, whoever it is. That’s what I’m referring to when I’m saying stakeholders, it’s our responsibility to inform them and educate them that is not a magic formula that will get results overnight.

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Hello, everyone, thank you for choosing to watch my video. My name is Sandra Bergen, and I’m the founder of ontrack digital, a conversion optimization agency that is specialized on E commerce businesses, and helping them grow and scale and reach their objectives in a more profitable and sustainable way. Today, we’re going to talk a bit about communicating with clients and communicating with stakeholders. Because I think you really need to be able to get buy in from your clients or from your stakeholders, in order to have the time needed to actually run a proper and thorough optimization program. Whenever I seen optimization programs fail, it was because they didn’t get enough time, besides all the other issues that might occur. One of the biggest factors in this is that people expect overnight results. And it’s your duty as a optimization specialist to inform and educate clients and stakeholders that and your employers, whoever it is, that’s what I’m referring to when I’m saying stakeholders, it’s our responsibility to inform them and educate them. That is not the magic formula that will get the results overnight. But it’s actually a long term process that involves a lot of research, a lot of testing, failing, can turn into gold, if used the right way. So basically, that’s what we’ll talk about today. And I hope you can find some good value in the presentation. Okay, so I was mentioning the testing master file that we use. So basically, we list down all the testing hypothesis, one after the other. This is from the conversion research. We put here, the page URL, the experiment name, the goal of that, test, the hypothesis, and then also the pre calculate the pretest calculation on how much traffic we need, how long is to run for the minimum detectable effect. And this helps us prioritize all the tests and make sure we’re focusing on the right stuff.

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And then we’re putting everything in this nice roadmap. So you can see for each week or each each set of weeks that we’re testing, some specific this week, we’re listing everything here. So this really eliminates the entire hour this agents working on what are the guys doing right now. So it’s all super transparent, which you see, Transparency is key when dealing with any kind of stakeholder where whether it’s your employer or a client, it doesn’t matter. You need to be as transparent as possible with the work you’re doing. And to be as proactive as possible. So don’t wait for them to ask what they’re working on. Just make sure you have everything in a nice format. That is a standard format that you use across the board with your clients. So just make sure you have all of that in place. And then this also what it does, it ensures that the testing roadmap doesn’t conflict with the development roadmap. So you can coordinate the two and just make sure that things are working. Now, I also wanted to show you really quickly the first page of our testing sheet. So this is what we use to get stuff approved with the clients, and then also to present our results. Why this is important, is because it really gives everyone is going through the testing fidelity. It gives them a very good understanding of what does the what’s being tested why and what the results should be. Why are we testing it, but then also gives you a very good understanding if you’re focusing on the right things. In this case, if you go ahead and answer these four questions that we have here, you’ll be able to separate a lot of good tests from average or sub tests. The first question is, what is the problem you’re trying to fix? So if you can’t answer this question, definitely you’re not on the right track, then how is your solution going to fix the problem? So what’s the opportunity here? Why are you testing what you’re testing? And how is this actually helping solve a problem? Then I spoke about the objectives and the optimization program, you need to remind yourself every time that the optimization are doing is in line with the clients or with the business objectives. So just make sure that this is helping them reach those objectives. And then also answer the question of what data sources you use to come up with your solution. Very critical, because you want to have data that’s also backing up, you’re backing up your hypothesis. And it can be quantitative workloads, the data. So it can be from user testing, it can be from analytics, it can be from customer surveys, and just make sure you answer this and then you have a really nice thing to show your clients and then there’s no, there’s not going to be any kind of question on why you’re testing stuff and how you’re testing it. You’ll see your life will be much improved. By using this. I hope you found good value in the presentation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, or on our website, it’s on track that agency, use the chat there and usually you can find me or someone else on my team that will get back to you super fast. And you can also just reach out to me at Andra contract that agency. So enjoy the rest of the conference. It was a pleasure showing some of this stuff to you. There’s a lot more to go to. Doesn’t have a lot more presentations to go through. So let me know if if you have any questions and if you found value in the presentation. Thank you. Bye

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