Conversation Starters of the Week – October 14, 2021

Every week, Rommil Santiago shares interesting LinkedIn posts that he runs across to help spark ideas and conversation. Here are this week’s finds:

1) From Diane Wiredu

Most landing pages suck.

Prospects are scrambling for the exit button because of sloppy copy, confusing design and all the value buried down the page.

All mistakes that could be easily avoided with some key fixes and a better understanding of how to approach messaging. I’ve got my theory…

But I want to know… what do you think is the most important part of a landing page?

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2) From Yongi Barnard

Yongi Barnard

?Best practices are killing your website’s conversions. So STOP! ?

Here’s what you should do instead:??

?Use your analytics to see where the bottlenecks are

?Research. Research. Research.

?Talk to your sales team. Know their tricks. Then figure out a way to recreate that on your website.

?Watch how your website visitors behave using a heat map

?And most importantly, don’t get too attached to your web pages.

?Acknowledge that your website is a living specimen. And it’s a testing ground.

3) From Tim Mehta

Is anyone using Jira (and Confluence) to manage their experimentation program?

Would love to learn how y’all are leveraging it!

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4) From Alexander Atzberger

Check this out, this is very cool – if you like economics! Yesterday David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens won the 2021 Nobel economics prize for pioneering “natural experiments” to show real-world economic impact. Then my good friend Lalitha Rajagopalan pointed out to me that Guido Imben’s wife Susan Athey teaches economics at Stanford and publishes on A/B Testing and experimentation. In one of her notes (link below) she writes: “The term (A/B Testing) is widely used in the tech industry, where NOTHING changes at tech firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. without the change going through an A/B testing process.”

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5) From Gayle Allen, Ed.D., MBA

Why are experiments one of the most overlooked forms of innovation? Stefan Thomke and I talk about this on Curious Minds at Work 

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