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We watched a lot of screen recordings and notice that the users tend to abandon the cart when they need to scroll to see the call to action. The same thing applies when there are many unnecessary form fields to complete.

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Hello, everyone, my name is Nicoleta. And I’m a conversion rate optimization specialist at Verifone. I am so happy to be here. And I want to thank you all for inviting me to this amazing E conference experimentation. The topic I will walk you through is a case study based on one of the checkout layouts that my team and I have optimized for conversion rate and revenue growth. But first of all, let’s find out who Verifone is. We are FinTech leader, providing end to end payment in E commerce solutions to the world’s best known retail brands, major financial institutions, and overall to more than 600,000 merchants. Simply put, the next time you pay with your card or E wallet pay attention to the terminal that you were using. Chances are it will have the Verizon logo on it, as currently more than 46% of the non cash transactions worldwide, are being processed through our systems. A little bit of history. Back in 2020 Verifone decided to focus more on the E commerce side and so has acquired to check out as part of the E commerce division. To check out it’s an all in one monetization platform that provides digital services. These include global payments, subscription billing, merchandising, taxes, compliance and risk, and of course, our services. CRO. Here are a few of our clients. Most of them are a part of the software industry, or name says Bitdefender HP Malwarebytes Duolingo. I have it may sound familiar to Verifone has had the conversion rate optimisation team for more than 10 years. Our goal is to facilitate revenue growth through conversion rate optimization tactics. But we also aim to simplify the shopping experience to measure the business success and to share ecommerce knowledge as we do now. While the clients focus on innovating the products we make sure to innovate their shopping carts. To give you an example of what we do to optimize our clients shopping carts, I will share with you a successful project that we’ve been working on. Before we dive into the case study. Let’s take a quick look at the current template gallery hosted by to check out our merchants accounts work similarly to a business or corporate version of Shopify. designed specifically for their shopping carts. They can choose from several conversion rate optimized templates, which are suitable for different business use cases or shopper preferences. Even though these templates are customizable, or very few of our merchants take full advantage of this. Here is where the conversion rate optimisation team plays a major role in helping them choose Define and customize the proper checkout solution for each one of them. And this is what we did with this project. Now due to data privacy policy, of course, we cannot disclose the merchants name or website. But as a general piece of information, it’s a renowned name pertaining to the software industry. Their original shopping cart was built on a one column vertical layout with a single form section for personal and payment information. Our hypothesis was that by changing the design of the shopping cart from our one column vertical layout, to work three column horizontal layout, the checkout form would be more concise or compact and above the fold. This would decrease the number of shoppers that abandon the cart and increase the overall conversion rate. The success metrics for the steps were the conversion rate and the revenue per visitor. The new three column template that we build, how to better define the payment options and overall provided a better user experience. There are three distinct form sections for Order Summary personal information and the card details. The call to action bottom was placed above the fold, so there is no scrolling needed. We also adapted the color scheme to match their branding and the previous pages in the purchase funnel. And also place the security trust badges in our highly visible area or right under the buy button. So, how did we get this hypothesis? We redesigned the shopping cart. Based on insights from previous tests. We watched a lot of screen recordings and notice that the users tend to abandon the cart when they need to scroll to see the call to action. The same thing applies when there are many unnecessary form fields to complete. There is a high cognitive load when the user is facing a single form field. Therefore, we decided to split it to make the completion easy easier. We’ve added the latest paper logo, which sends out more. We have also previously tested different combinations of barn collars with copied texts such as order now by now place your order. And this orange by now a call to action button performed very well. And last but not least, moving the security trust badges right under the buy button helps build trust and reduce cart abandonment. So we’ve considered all these learnings from past experiments when creating the hypothesis for this test and redesigning the whole cart.

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Given the promising results that we have with this test, we further tested the three columns shopping cart template with a few other merchants using to check out and the results were similar. This is how we decided to take the project further. And we are now working to implement this new shopping heart layout as part of the to checkout permanent gallery that I was showing you earlier. This way all merchants will be able to access it and to use it to generate revenue growth without having to AB test their cards. This was my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it and found the topic insightful. Now that you’ve learned some great ideas and best practices to follow when when building or optimizing a shopping cart. I hope that you’ll use them as well in your optimization projects. I can’t wait to learn from your videos as well and please keep in touch bye

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