The Top 20 Must-Meet CROs of 2023

Earlier this year, we asked the Experiment Nation community who were the CROs that they felt everyone should know because of their welcoming nature, openness to connecting folks with others, willingness to share their expertise, and being just all-around awesome folks. This year we ranked nominees based on a combination of factors: the number of nominations, the reason for nominating, and the source of the nomination.

Without further ado, here are the results along with what some of the community had to say about them:

20. Nneka Otika

“Nneka writes thought-provoking, honest content that cuts through a lot of the sameness on LinkedIn. She also shares her platform on industry blogs by including members of the community as contributors. She’s also just an overall delightful person.”


19 and 18. Iqbal Ali and Matt Beische

“Matt and Iqbal are two influential thought leaders in the CRO community who deserve recognition. They consistently share insightful LinkedIn posts about CRO and Experimentation. (Iqbal’s unique approach of incorporating comics into his posts adds an extra layer of engagement.) Moreover, they host the weekly “CRO Roundtable” event, providing a platform for practitioners of all levels to exchange thoughts and ideas on Experimentation. Their YouTube channel, “Treachery of Data,” contains valuable resources for anyone interested in CRO.”


17. Anna Ambrozevich

“CRO expert and leader, popularization of this topic [through her work].”


16. Saskia Cook

“Saskia makes every effort to share meaningful and useful posts on LinkedIn. She thinks outside the box to put together content that will genuinely add value. She isn’t afraid to offer advice on subjects others shy away from like statistics and strategy.”


15. Rishi Rawat

Rishi’s legit. A smart marketer who understands that 80% of your visitors will never buy—and that’s OK. Focus on the people who are close to buying… understand their questions, concerns, and desires… and optimize the site for them.”


14. Ellie Hughes

“Ellie is a true expert in Experimentation and Analytics who possesses an extraordinary ability to speak, coach, and mentor effectively. Her contributions to the field are commendable, and they have positively impacted the careers of many individuals.”


13. Kelly Wortham

“For being so helpful with the TLC community”


12. Erin Weigel

e-meeting her was a fantastic experience for me. Very ‘down to earth’, and not afraid to call out BS (which is pervasive in our industry, unfortunately). It’s clear she’s passionate about learning, growing, and helping, which is why I recommend y’all connect with her.


11. Khalil Guliwala

“Khalil is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. He is always helpful, supportive, and passionate. “


10. Ruben de Boer

“He always shares great CRO knowledge and responds when you reach out to him.


9. Juliana Jackson

Down to earth, giving, friendly, and always willing to connect you to someone, Juliana is a treasure. She’s always sharing her deep experience in product, data, AI, and knowledge of CRO. Connect with her ASAP.”


8. Simon Girardin

He constantly demystifies experimentation: the basics, how to sell it internally, how to make the most of it. Always actionable advice.”


7. Nils Koppelmann

“Nils not only possesses exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm for CRO but also delights in sharing his profound experience and connecting with fellow experimentation enthusiasts.”


6. Andra Baragan

“Andra is one of the best humans I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this year. Despite being in the space for a while, she’s still welcoming, patient, humble, and takes the time to answer your questions without sass.


5. Trina Moitra

Trina’s one of the most welcoming members of the experimentation community that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She’s generous when it comes to creating opportunities for community members to contribute content… Humble, welcoming, and personable are all words I would use to describe Trina. She’s a must-meet!


4. Shiva Manjunath

“Shiva is incredibly prolific on LinkedIn, either sharing his wealth of experimentation experience with a sense of fun and irreverence, but always liking to uplift the industry. If I have a question that I put out to the community, he has a response which is always insightful. His podcast content is on point also, sharing his insight in a fun and engaging way. I always come away having learnt something.”


3. Lucia van den Brink

“She is an extraordinary CRO coach dedicated to empowering individuals to enhance their leadership skills. What sets her apart is not only her expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization but also her commitment to fostering a vibrant community of women who uplift and encourage one another within the realm of experimentation...As a driving force behind the development of a strong network of like-minded women, she creates a nurturing environment where everyone can share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to achieve success collectively.”


2. Nima Yassini

“He’s always giving away free frameworks and advice. He really wants to help others grow. Nima has been a beacon and driving force for experimentation in Australia, developing and growing the discipline into a respected component of the digital marketing ecosystem. He has done this by adopting the “it takes a village” philosophy, through this approach he has constantly produced a variety of content (white papers, articles, podcasts, interviews et al), combined with attendance to variety of events taking time to discuss people’s challenges and potential solutions, as well as making time to meet with folks for more personalised conversations in the process accelerating their knowledge and understanding of Experimentation.”


1. Tracy Laranjo

Tracy is always willing to introduce me to industry people…She is genuinely selfless and always willing to offer advice to anyone with a passion for experimentation…Tracy shares honest and open takes on her experience in the experimentation industry as well as insights into her experimentation process either on LinkedIn or various podcasts. Always willing to chat and share, Tracy is part of a welcoming Experimentation Community making the industry both fun and engaging. Massive thanks Tracy.


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