Experimenter of the Week: Dorian Gonzalez

Could you introduce yourself, where you work, and where you are from?

Hi, my name is Dorian Gonzalez, I am from Mexico and I work at YourSurprise as a CRO specialist in the Netherlands. I have a background in Digital Marketing. Two years ago while writing my master thesis I got familiar with Neuromarketing which excited me. I started learning more about the psychology behind the decision-making process of the customers in different stages of the customer journey. After getting fully involved in the process of A/B testing, researching, creating hypotheses, analyzing data, designing, etc, I found that my passion was being a CRO. Nowadays, I love what I do and every day I learn more.

Tell us a bit about your career path and how you got to where you are today.

I started my career at Accenture in 2017 as part of the user research team in the implementation of ERP systems. I got very familiar with heuristics analysis and user experience research.
After working in Accenture, I did my master’s in Digital Business and Innovation. I wrote my thesis focused on Neuromarketing. After my graduation, I started working at YourSurprise, a personalized gift e-commerce company as a Country Lead for Spain and Portugal. And in less than 1 year I got promoted to the role of CRO. Nowadays, I am in charge of the analysis and improvement of the conversion rate of more than 20 websites.

Where are you from and what is the Experimentation community like there?

I am from Mexico but living and working in the Netherlands. Therefore, I can speak for the Experimentation community in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, we have a strong experimentation culture, in fact, I am working together with Online Dialogue to improve the conversion of my company YourSurprise. People are not afraid to test or try new things here, it is a challenging market full of innovative and smart people.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Enthusiastic, creative, problem-solver, analytical, innovator

Frequentist or Bayesian?


What comes to mind when you hear, “Best Practices?”

The foundation to build your website upon, while at the same time testing and implementing your own ideas. You can take Best Practices as inspiration to create something unique.

If you couldn’t work in Experimentation, what would you be doing today?

User research, a PhD in Neuromarketing, Product Owner

What do you have going on that you feel our audience should know about?

During COVID, many e-commerce companies had a good amount of traffic and therefore a decent conversion, no matter the quality of the website/app. However, post-COVID the traffic decreased significantly, and the remaining traffic is looking for a more pleasureful experience in which the principles of persuasion, the MECLABS Conversion Heuristic, etc, play a far more important role. It is clear, that the whole e-commerce market is working to optimize their websites and the CRO demand and innovation are booming.

Who should we interview next and why?

Aimée van Lint

What is the one piece of advice you’d like to share with the community?

“Not fear, try new things! Experiment!
‘Damn the Torpedoes – Full Speed Ahead'”

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