Experiment Nation’s most popular posts of 2022

1. Online Dialogue’s Ton Wesseling shares his thoughts on how CRO will probably die

2. How to make a customer-centric diagnosis with Marion Ravel

3. Creating an experimentation program that’s more than A/B testing with Annika Thompson and Paul Randall

4. Experimenter of the Week: Dorian Gonzalez

5. Sina Fak on why CRO is not a person but a multidisciplinary Experimentation team

6. What 13 Years of A/B Testing Revealed with Rishi Rawat

7. Experimenter of the Week: Charlotte April Bomford

8. Jessica James on optimizing in the online gaming space and what she misses about the UK

9. How to verify your data truly reflects user behaviour with Florent Buisson

10. Experiment Cartography :: Building the Perfect Roadmap with Kenya Davis and Krissy Tripp

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