Point/Counterpoint: Exploring different experiment prioritization frameworks with Marion Ravel, Patrick Buffum and Trisha Utomi

On today’s episode of Point/Counterpoint, Trish leads Patrick and Marion through a discussion about: Their CRO New Year’s resolutions, and the pros and cons of several experiment prioritization frameworks.

Twilio’s Justin Coons shares what you need to know about SEO Experimentation

Rommil interviews Twilio’s Justin Coons and they talk about: Not only can you run experiments for SEO, but you also should, Which is better, short-form content or long-form content, and What metrics to optimize for when running SEO Experiments

Product Experimentation: Jaya and Siddharth explore how to Experiment during the Product Development Life Cycle

Jaya and Siddharth explore how Experimentation fits into the Product Development Life Cycle, how to work with challenging stakeholders, share stories about how they’ve leveraged Experiments to generate results.

How Spiralyze’s Sophie Buonassisi demonstrates the value of Experimentation to clients

Clients are always hungry for ROI on their Experimentation efforts. I recently spoke to Sophie about 2 ways the value of Experimentation can be demonstrated for clients, how to build a Culture of Experimentation at companies, and how Experimentation is important to Growth.